A Short Course in Digital Photography 4th Edition

A Short Course in Digital Photography 4th Edition

A short course in digital photography has always been a great way to get started in photography, and the 4th edition does not disappoint. This new edition is more comprehensive than its predecessor, and includes updated projects, “How Did You Do?” questions, and more. You will learn the basics of digital photography, from taking photos to making prints, and everything in between. Readers will also learn how to choose paper and ink, how to display their photos, and how to edit and print their photographs. The book also features the latest digital camera technology, including full-featured DSLRs and non-DSLR cameras. Integrated workflow applications make this edition a great option for photographers of all levels.

Barbara London

The new fourth edition of A Short Course in Photography: Digital explores the fundamentals of taking pictures with a digital camera. Unlike its predecessor, this new edition emphasizes current learning techniques, exploring artistic choices and the impact of computers on the art of photography. With up-to-date information on the latest digital camera technology, A Short Course in Photography: Digital combines practical instruction with the integration of workflow applications.

Jim Stone

A Short Course in Digital Photography is a comprehensive book designed to teach beginners the basics of digital photography. It is a loose-leaf book modeled after the popular A Short Course in Photography for Film, but with more emphasis on learning the most up-to-date techniques. This book is a great way to get started with digital photography and explore your artistic side. You will learn how to take great shots with your digital camera.

Barbara London’s books

The photography book series by Barbara London, Upton, and Stone has taught the fundamentals of the art of photography to millions of students around the world. Her latest texts provide readers with the most current information on photography and the industry. The book A Short Course in Photography, the first book in the series, presents the medium in an updated and comprehensive manner. It aims to teach readers how to create the best images possible by incorporating the latest technology and workflow applications.

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