Learning In Depth Meets Imaginative Ecological Education

 Learning In Depth Meets Imaginative Ecological Education

Title: Supporting Ecological Understanding through In-Depth and Imaginative Study of a Place-Based Topic or Issue

Abstract: Many have observed that the curriculum is a mile wide and scarcely an inch deep. This article provides a rationale for including in-depth study of a place-based/local topic within educational programs aimed at cultivating ecological understanding. Following a brief exploration of some of the obstacles to in-depth learning, it describes the ways in which in-depth and imaginative investigation can support ecological thinking. Consideration of beliefs and values concludes the piece; ideological and pedagogical factors will influence how teachers feel about implementing an imaginative, in-depth program of study and, ultimately, whether it becomes part of their professional practice.

If you would like to read the rationale and get some practical support for a LiD-IEE project you can download the article pdf here.

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