Learn From LiD Kids!

 Learn From LiD Kids!

**Hey LiD teachers ūüôā ¬†We know¬†you hear from LiD kids all the time. ¬†Little news update for you: ¬†imaginED¬†will be offering resources, links and support for LiD teachers and kids in the future. ¬†Subscribe today so you don‚Äôt miss out on LiD updates!

But for anyone who has not met a LiD kid lately, listen to what these LiD Kids have to say about their topics…

or this LiDKid:

Where is this enthusiasm coming from you ask?

LiD kids are participants in the Learning in Depth, or LiD, program. You can learn more about the program by exploring the LiD website. HERE is a link to this innovative program in the Globe & Mail. Or watch this short introductory video by creator Dr. Kieran Egan.

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