Happy First Birthday imaginED

 Happy First Birthday imaginED

One year ago today imaginED published its very first blog post. (It was a post about a giant squid—an amazing creature worthy of our respect and admiration.) Today, imaginED has 130 posts that share resources, practices, and inspiration for imaginative educators of all kinds. The focus of imaginED continues to be on practices at all levels of education and in all subject areas that engage students’ emotions with whatever they are learning.

imaginED is all about education that inspires–education that leaves students’ emotions engaged.

Lots has happened in our first year. A blog with a singular article about a giant squid now hosts a wide range of topics and resources —So grab a huge piece of cake (totally guilt-free) and check out what imaginEd has to offer!

On imaginED you will find information on:

Imaginative Education and the inspiring pedagogy of Dr. Kieran Egan;

The power of cognitive tools for learning: The Tips For Imaginative Educators Series;

How imagination can be purposefully and powerfully engaged in Math&Science,
Literacy/English/Second Language Learning, Social Studies (History/Geography) and other subject areas;

Imaginative Ecological Education—how to engage the body, emotion and imagination in place-based practices;

How to #getouside and teach your curriculum: A Full Walking Curriculum;

Educational topics for discussion that deal with imagination, creativity, innovation, teaching and learning practices;

The Learning in Depth, or LiD program including posts by LiD teachers around the world (imaginEd is international! We are happy to have a whole Spanish Language section to support imaginative educators in Chile/South America/Mexico);

AND we have an active and inspiring twitter-based #imaginEDchat—the first Wed of every month is #wonderWed so please join me (@perfinker) or Olwen Cowan (@MsOlwenCowen) for this inspiring chat.

I feel incredibly fortunate for the learning opportunities the world of blogging has provided me over the past year. Blogging has allowed me to meet an incredible number of inspiring and dedicated educators. It has also allowed me to enrich and develop relationships with colleagues near and far.  What a gift!

imaginED has become a blog for imaginative educators by imaginative educators.

In no particular order of awesomeness a special thank you to all those educators who posted with us this year!

Dr. Kieran Egan                     Judy Dabideen-Sonachansingh                Marlene Roseboom

Susie LaVallee                         Savas Savides                                               Christa Rawlings

Linda Holmes                          Thomas Larsen & Lisa Tabor Millsaps   Fred Harwood

Dr. Theodore Christou           Dr. Brian Dall Schyth                                  Olwen Cowan

Christine Younghusband       Lindsay Zebrowski                                      Leone Payson

Andrea Leeburn                       Melissa Chouinard-Jahant                        Jennifer Gidley

Courtney Robertson                Kavita Hoonjan                                            Gabriel Mateescu

Jolene McFadyen-Nein           Yamanda Kaychouhi Boukmakh              Carolina Lopez

Dr. Greg Lendvay                     Brandon & Kristin Hendrickson              Tim Smyth

Dr. Tim Waddington               Robin Ulster & James Denby                    Jailson Lima

Last but not least, Adelle Caunce deserves special thanks for her post-writing and being the awesome artist behind the #imaginED operation!

Join us!  Write for imaginED and connect with other imaginative educators.

Stay informed! If you would like to get a weekly update from imaginED please SUBSCRIBE here.




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