Month: October 2018


Mental Health Services Research: Working With/In Communities for Reconciliation–A Case

  I am a reconciliation researcher…, not a political scientist…   Yesterday I attended Dr. Masahiro Minami’s presentation: On Mental Health Services Research. The presentation and dialogue facilitated by Dr. Minami was part of the From The Ground Up (FTGU) seminar series in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University Surrey. I’m sharing about the seminars […]Read More

CIRCE Ebulletins & Announcements

What’s New With CIRCE

growing engaged minds; imagining and making better worlds It’s an exciting time to be part of CIRCE. The shape our network is taking is based on the participation and passion of our members. The programs, areas of specialization and research that we pursue are emerging as our community grows and as you participate. A few highlights from […]Read More