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Be unconventional

| December 21, 2009 | 2 Comments
The beauty of photography is, that it is individual. Your photography style is your own, and the one thing that makes you different from all of the other photographers out there. So, have the courage to be unconventional.

One of my most memorable quotes I have read from a photography book (can’t remember which one) was:

When you are out there taking pictures, if people are looking at you funny, thinking what the hell are you doing, chances are you are doing a great job !!!

Why ?
Because you see something that they are missing !

I remember when taking this photo in Potsdam, Germany, in Sansoucci gardens, after initial exposure and parameter check, I was framing the shot for a good 10 minutes. I remember keeping my eye constantly in a viewfinder, just waiting for the right moment to shoot. I guess I was in this position for a while (or I took a funny pose), since later I saw a couple of people looking at me as if I was completely nuts.

You are being watched

You are being watched by DPStudent on Flickr

What they failed to see was that I have noticed a guy in a red shirt who was standing somewhere further down along the path, and thought to myself: “How cool would it actually be to have a statue staring at the guy passing through ?”. Finally, the guy came exactly where I wanted and made the shot, and he made my day.

So, when you are out there shooting, try exploring different perspectives, different angles, and remember. If people are looking at you funny, chances are you are doing a great job! Happy shooting.

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Alan Graf is the editor and founder of Digital Photography Student. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and is also editor of – a Croatian wallpaper archive, and his own photo gallery at

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  2. This is a very interesting and good photo, I really like, great perspective!

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