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8 useful iPad apps for photographers

| January 31, 2011 | 7 Comments
Apple iPad is almost 1 year old now, and still gaining massive popularity, and given it’s 10″ screen it is also an ideal tool for photographers. Digital Photography Student brings you a list of 8 useful iPad apps for photographers.

1. Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad

Great resource full of photography tips always with you.

Rick Sammons - Photo Buffet HDIf you are looking for an iPad app that will teach you how to take better photos with your digital camera, look no further. Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad is a great collection of photography tips and tutorials compiled by one of the world’s leading photographers: Rick Sammon. Rick is well known as editor of many photography books, and his YouTube channel is loaded with great photography tips. The photo buffet is divided into sections dedicated to Seeing, Making, and Editing covering all of the aspects of digital photography. Also there is a special tips section with some special on-location tips that just might give you some extra advice and help you produce a great photo. It’s like having Rick Sammon with you on the shoot. Check Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad on iTunes. For more info visit Rick Sammons Blog.

Rick Sammons 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad

Rick Sammons 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad

2. Rough Guides World Lens

An app where travel photography enthusiast and travelers alike can seek inspiration.

Rough Guides World LensRough Guides World Lens is an iPad app developed by Rough Guides Website featuring amazing photos with impact, along with a brief description of the place where they were taken. The mission of the Rough Guides is to provide a single photo that captures the essence of the location. So, if you are travel photography enthusiast, or just a traveler looking for a great photo opportunity, this might be an app for you. Note that this app requires Internet connection though. You can find Rough Guides World lens on iTunes.

Rough Guides - World Lens

Rough Guides - World Lens

3. PhotoVerse

Discover a universe of photography

PhotoVerse iPad AppPhotoVerse is a cool Photography News App that collects information from multiple sources and blogs related to photography and delivers them in an easy to read scrollable list. It’s a great resource for discovering new photography blogs, news, and reading them conveniently in a single place. In addition, if you are a blogger related to photography, it’s also a great delivery platform for your content to your readers. If you would like your content included in PhotoVerse, send them an e-mail at We have talked to developers and they assured us that there is a lot of cool features coming that might make this app into a great database of the most popular photography articles. In addition as of Jan 26, 2011 you can follow Digital Photography Student through PhotoVerse. Get PhotoVerse for iPad on iTunes.

PhotoVerse iPad App

PhotoVerse iPad App

4. Depth of Field Explorer

Capture perfect images by understanding depth of field.

Depth of Field Explorer IconDepth of Field Explorer is a great tool that will help you calculate the ideal depth of field for a particular image you want to take. Usually this mostly benefits landscape photographers, who want to shoot using hyper-focal distance, to ensure that the photo will have maximum sharpness front to back. App is very simple to use: you just have to select your camera from the predefined list, input your preferred focal length and aperture setting, and then use these settings to calculate your depth of field. It is also possible to store your presets for easier calculation. The app supports both imperial and metric units and it is available at the iTunes Store.

Depth of Field Explorer iPad App

Depth of Field Explorer iPad App

5. LightTrac

A must have for landscape photography enthusiasts

LightTrac iPad AppMake no mistake, if you are not a landscape photography enthusiast, who walks everywhere with a camera and a tripod, this app might not be for you. However, that being said, if you really enjoy making (not taking) landscape photos, and when you see a great subject, you start calculating the date and time when will the light be at its best to shoot this location, you will absolutely love this app. LightTrac takes your location, and then calculates sun and moon angles at sunrise/moonrise and sunset/moonset, giving you an in-depth information about at what angle will the sun be hitting your subject at any particular time of day, and display it nicely on a map. So if you discover a great location, you can easily store that spot, as well as by altering the date, evaluate the date and time when the light will be “just right”, thus increasing your chances you will get “the shot”. If only it could foretell the weather ๐Ÿ™‚ .Lighttrac also provides a whole wealth of other information, such as exact times of sunrise/sunset, dates/times of the lunar cycle, as well as azimuth and elevation. Given the fact that I live quite far north (Stockholm), and every winter/summer am experiencing extreme conditions regarding the amount of light and lack thereof, I have to say, I have tested the app, and the information provided is spot on. This is probably one of the most useful photography support apps out there. Get LightTrac on iTunes, or visit Lighttrac homepage.

LightTrac iPad App


6. PhotoPad by ZAGG

Easy to use premium photo editing app

PhotoPadThere is not really much to say about PhotoPad, except that it is pretty good free photo editing app for iPad, which allows you to do some modifications of your photos, such as cropping, resizing, color swapping, posterizing, as well as editing color, contrast, tint and many others. In addition, PhotoPad allows you to make a ZAGGskin for your iPhone, and order it directly from your iPad. Although editing photos on iPad is not really our cup of tea, this app might prove useful if you need to quickly touch up some photo. However, since it does not yet have Dropbox support, a question is how will you get photos to your ipad in the first place (other than iTunes that is). Useful, but could be even more.



7. Portfolio To Go for Flickr

Turn your Flickr account into a full fledged portfolio

Portfolio To Go IconThis ipad app is particulary useful for aspiring photographers who keep their portfolio on Flickr.Portfolio To Go for Flickr makes it easy to present your work to a potential client on iPad. iPad already looks like a great photo frame, and this app turns it into a great tool for selling your photos. It is very easy to customize the photos to be displayed by simply including/excluding a flickr photo set. Given the fact that iPad does not always have Internet connection, this app allows you to cache and store you Flickr photos locally, ensuring that you will always have your photos with you. You can read more about this great app in our Portfolio To Go for Flickr review, and you can get Portfolio To Go app on iTunes.

Portfolio Display

Portfolio To Go for Flickr

8. Photographer’s Contract Maker

Game-changing app for all semi-pro and pro photographers

Photographers Contract Maker iPad AppPhotographer’s Contract Maker is a revolutionary, yet simple app that completely mobilizes your photography business by taking the paper out of the contract equation. It allows you to build a client list on one end, and contract templates on other. When the need for a contract arises, simply select template, select client, and date, and the contract is ready. It’s that simple. However, this would not be a truly paperless solution if a client could not sign the contract, which is the option the app also provides. I addition there are some standard sharing features, such as creating PDF documents and sending them to the clients. The Photographer’s Contract Maker comes with 4 great starter photography sample contracts (Photo Shoot, Model Release, Copyright Release and 2nd shooter – Work for Hire) , but it also enables you to create your own custom templates, and still retain auto-filling features. Get Photographer’s Contract Maker on iTunes.

Photographers Contract Maker

Photographers Contract Maker - Note: This is an Example Contract only created for this screenshot

I hope you liked our iPad apps collection. If you know of any great iPad apps for photographer please be sure to post a comment. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Alan Graf is the editor and founder of Digital Photography Student. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and is also editor of – a Croatian wallpaper archive, and his own photo gallery at

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  1. […] Alan Graf of DP Student has included Photoverse in his list of 8 use iPad Apps for Photographers. Check it out. […]

  2. Kamy wilkson says:

    There’s a great iPad app that just appeared on the app store. Has good info on posing and many sample poses that are good for my agency portfolio. I think this would be good for photographers, as a new model I know it will help me, it’s built for dummies like me ;)))

    It’s called “supermodel posing practice studio guide”

  3. I love depth of field explorer!

  4. Alan Graf says:

    Thanks for the tip, i will check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dennis says:

    Hi Alan,
    I guess you’ll like LensTutorial iPhone/iPad app
    It is free, so take a look at
    It is visual and interactive dof calc-style application, which can show angle of view, dof and subject magnification at the same time.

  6. Alan Graf says:

    Thx Dennis,

    I will give it a look

  7. […] You can read more about Lighttrac app in our article about 8 useful iPad apps for photographers. […]

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